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Related Links (Brands)

Each Product Page (Carpet, Hardwood, Rugs, Tile & Stone, Laminate, Vinyl, etc) has its own "Related Links" section to feature links to various manufacturer websites (or another documentation).

You can edit this space by (a) going to My Pages, (b) clicking the Pencil Icon by the page you want to edit, and then (c) clicking the Related Links tab on the left.

Add From Library:
SWS has many major manufactor links pre-loaded under this section. Simply click the button and check the boxes by each manufactor link you want to feature. You can also choose links you have previously created under Select>My Library. Click Save when you are finished.

New Related Link:
If you do not see the links you need, you can create them using this option.


  • Link URL: Enter the web address of the manufacturer's website. Include the //.
  • Link Text: Give the link a name.
  • Open In New Window: Make sure this says Yes, so when the user clicks the link on your site, a new window opens for the link while leaving your site still open.
  • Then Save or Save and Create Another.
Adding A Related Links Widget To A Custom Page
  • Go to My Pages>Pencil Icon by the page you want to add it.
  • Click in the Main Text container and in the particular spot you want it placed (for example if you want it between lines of text on the page).
  • On the toolbar for that area, you will see an icon that looks like a gear. It is called “Insert/Edit Widget” when you hover over it. Click it.
  • Search for Content Layout Widget and then click that icon.
    • Under Relation>Section: Select Related Link.
    • Under Display>Display: Just check Link Text.
    • Under Container>Background Image: Select your own image or one of ours under Shaw Library.
    • Under Container>Background Parallax: Check it.
    • Under Container>Dropshadow Ratio: type 50.
  • Click “Save" on the widget's pop-up. Then click "Save" for the page as well.
  • Now, if the page has content under its Related Links section, they will display.